New Magnatone Super Fifteen head with matching Super Fifteen 1×12” cabinet


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Compact guitar head with matching 1×12” extension cabinet. . 15 watts in class AB, 2xEL84, 3x12AX7 preamp, solid-state rectifier, master volume, 3-band EQ with presence control. Very British-sounding, and despite being powered by El84s rather than EL34s, has a distinctive Marshall-esque character. Further features include a buffered effects loop and a speaker simulator, as well as a headphone jack, line out, and 5-pin DIN connector to power the lighted logo on the 1×12” extension cabinet. The cabinet itself is beautifully-made with premium woods wraparound grille sports a custom-designed Magnatone 12” ceramic-magnet loudspeaker that perfectly matches the character of the amp. Exceptional tone, outstanding build quality, great looks, and very portable. Hand-built in USA, comes with deluxe factory slipcovers for each piece.