1954 Danelectro Twin Twelve Series D Model 98


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2×12” all-tube combo, approximately 50 watts, Blonde covering painted black, but original cabinet, speakers, chassis, components, etc. The not-often-seen “hamper amp” with 2 channels, each with 3 inputs and volume, bass, and treble controls, driving two separate power sections (in this case a pair of coke bottle 6L6s and a pair of what appear to be EL34s), master vibrato with speed and strength controls as well as a footswitch jack, 12AX7/6SJ7/6SN7 preamp, tube rectifier, 2 1954-dated Utah 12” speakers, and a massive Freed transformer. The predecessor to the famous 1484, crunchy and powerful, with cool tremolo that sounds pretty square-wave and not much like a Fender. Made in Red Bank, New Jersey, USA.