1966 Fender Telecaster


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Rosewood board, pro refinish, routed for humbucker, in this case a great-sounding vintage Seth Lover-designed Fender of the type now called a “Wide-Range”. This is such a great guitar and is perfect for the performing musician. Gold logo, Klusons, satin-feeling lacquer neck and fresh fret job (you’re welcome). A great refin (We believe it was done here at Willie’s years ago) over an ash body. Still has the square edges and recessed string ferrules of a pre-CBS era Telecaster. The pots are from 1979 (likely when it was routed) but original bridge and bridge pickup, very resonant, 8.25″ pounds.So, with fresh frets and a really well-done refinish this still a Kluson-period Brazilian-board Tele that has great tone (see our video on Facebook or YouTube). Comes with new reissue Fender G&G hard case.