2023 Gibson Historic ’54 Les Paul Murphy Lab Heavy Aged


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Goldtop, wrap around. Let’s see how do we describe the condition on a used aged factory aged guitar. Um…as new?

Here is how this goes. Ring Ring.

Us: Hello, Willie’s Guitars.
Customer: I just bought a Murphy Lab heavy aged wrap around.
Us: Nice guitar! Congratulations!
Customer: But my wife surprised me with good news and I gotta sell it.
Us: Ok, does it have all of the paperwork?
Customer: Yup
Us: Big Neck?
Customer: Yes
Us: Aged case?
Customer: Yes, as new
Us: Do the pickups sound great?
Customer: You’re gonna make me cry…Yes?!
Us: Done, bring it in Sir and congratulations on the new baby.

So there it is. The finest guitar Gibson makes, as new with all of the goodies. $5995

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