1971 Fender Jazz Bass


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Now this has something goin’ on. A light (8.25 pounds overall) ’71 J-bass, 4-bolt of course, three-tone burst with some sexy real-world heavy wear on it, bound rosewood fingerboard with pearl blocks, as was the style at the time, nice and resonant, looks amazing, plays and sounds great. So, there have been some modifications over the years – Leo Quan Badass Bass II bridge has been installed, like 80% of ’70s Fender basses, and when we got it it was sporting, um, EMGs. We put in a ’78 Fender neck pickup and a Duncan Antiquity in the bridge and now its back to sounding like it was meant to, and changed pots. Original finish, tuners, pickguard (a rather pretty one), control and neck plates, and is just too cool. Comes in earlier rough brown tolex hard case, “rough” in both the Fender collector jargon and literal senses of the term. Made in Fullerton, California, USA.