1964 Fender Jaguar


In stock

Sunburst, EX+. Rather big neck, very clean. Here is a Jag to buy if the short scale bothers you. Why? Big fat neck. We talked to Johnny Marr when he visited us about Jaguars. His limited edition Jags have fat necks – “makes all the difference” he shared. OMG Johnny Marr makes you want a Jag. Remember ,this was the most expensive model that pre-CBS Fender made. A wonderful pre-CBS find, clean, alder body with a few dings and very light checking here and there. But it really shines with its original mute (set aside), strap, trem arm, and bridge cover. The neck has some nice flame and pearl dots inlaid in the Brazilian board, “L” plate serial number, original nickel Klusons too. All stock. This has that “one look” vibe were you can tell right away it’s original. Nothing out of place. With original case, consigned.