1956 Fender Stratocaster


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Vintage White, refinished long ago, a very good job. The volume pot was changed and a five way switch added in the 70’s. The pickguard is original. The original bakelite pickup covers are worn through and in the case. The current repro covers appear to be bakelite as well. Your friends won’t be able to tell. The finish on the neck is original mostly worn away. It has a V neck that softens about the 10th fret. This is not a huge neck but not too small. The logo is a repro and looks old. The tuners are also older repros but the originals are in the case. The bridge plte, block and saddles are original.

The guitar has been refretted but has never had a second string tree, never had Schaller or Grover tuners. This is not a “partsocaster. It has good vintage integrity.

The serial plate is original but strikes us an early ’58 and the neck date is 10-56. You can see no routes and the original strap buttons.

It weighs in at 7 pounds. The V neck feels satin smooth and the refret is a real blessing. It plays sweet and smooth.

The pickups sound really great with that woody complex tone. We measured the pickups at 5.72K bridge, 5.73K middle and 5.73K neck. They are remarkably similar giving that classic out of phase tone when the two pickups are played together.