New Finn F Style Mandolin “Juliette”


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Natural, meet Juliette #645 of Finn’s completely handmade instruments including mandolins, violins, mandolas and mandocellos. All handmade of reclaimed woods. May we guide your eyes to the matching headstock overlay that matches the bridge, tailpiece and fingerboard. May we please guide your ear to that hand carved and tap tuned top and back. The top is an octave away from the back and the tone is “Le Magnifique”. Yes, he hand-carved the top, tailpiece, bridge and the MOP inlay without power tools. Last year our Finn made a custom Mandola for Keith Richards with five pairs of strings and given to him on his 79th birthday. Each Finn is unique, no two are alike. See the video on Finn on our social media. Comes with MOP inlays and a gig bag.

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