New Carr Telstar


In stock

Serial #001, the first production Telstar. We kept it around to generate special orders and then Willie had it at home for a while, but with new Carr models coming out it’s time to let this very cool piece go. A brilliant amp made by our buddy Steve Carr and company. 1-17 watts variable power, a mix of El84 and 6L6 output tubes in a unique push-pull recipe. Clean to creamy. “53” switch is creamy like an earlier tweed amp and the “58” switch yields a cleaner sound like a later narrow-panel tweed amp. Perfect for at home or at the studio. All-tube reverb (aquatic). Aerospace power capacitors, solid pine cabinet (in-house), and an Eminence Valiant 12″ loudspeaker. Simple, too – volume, tone, reverb, attenuator. Mint condition and again, the very first one. Handwired in Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA.