New 2019 Carr Telstar


Available on backorder

17 watts (down to 0 with built-in attenuator), point-to-point wiring, all-tube, 12AX7/12AT7/6SL7 preamp, mixed 6L6 and EL84 power section, tube-driven spring reverb, 1×12″ 60-watt Valiant ceramic loudspeaker custom-made for Carr by Eminence, in-house cabinetry, “lean”/”lush” and “53”/”58″ tone-shaping switch, single full-range tone control. Sound ranges TV-front to narrow-panel and on through JTM45. Very portable, just the right amount of power for a club, and ideal for home or studio with the attenuator. Outstanding build quality, premium components including Jupiter and Solen capacitors, custom-wound transformers, and a hospital-grade mains plug. This one has the lovely mint control panel option. Made with care and pride in Pittsboro, North Carolina.