1977 Fender Telecaster


In stock

Natural on ash body, 70’s Telecasters are rather hard to find as during the late 70’s Strats and Les Pauls were the rage. This one is pretty much as new with great grain. The pickups of this era have great output, bright but with some low end too. The neck pickup is the perfect contrast with a woody throaty tone. Both pickups have great quack for cutting through the mix. This is all stock with a nice feeling medium C neck and rounded shape. Telecasters unlike Tele Customs or Deluxes always had the simple four-bolt neck with no fancy micro tilt. This also comes with the original wood case with leather ends. The plastic cases came a year or two later. This is a nice clean example.

Note: We put a Duncan Antiquity in the neck position on this guitar. We are getting the original pickup rewound, full service is our jam.