1973 Fender Jazz Bass


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Natural, four-bolt neck plate. It’s a bit unusual to have a Natural finish and a four-bolt neck as they phased in the Natural finish about the same time as the three-bolt neck. This one has the original bill of sale and comes from the original owner. Ah, youth. He told us at one time this had a different neck on, so has extra holes in the body and oddly the neck itself. He also changed and put back in the original pickups. At one point he changed the pickguard too, as you can see the shadow on the guitar. But wait…he also changed the tuners and put those back on. Whew. It’s also been refretted and has lots of life left. It sounds and plays great. The ash body is kind of light at 9.5 pounds. Comes with an 80’s Fender hard shell case.