1966 Fender Tremolux-Amp


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To preface…very strange, but very sexy. See our video on this (Facebook or Youtube).  This amp did not happen, it’s not really here. You’re getting dizzy…seeing things. Firstly, the cabinet has ‘63 era appointments, with hide glue construction and its factory rough white tolex covering. The speakers are 10” Fender-labeled Oxfords dated to the 48th week of ‘65. But wait, there’s more. The head is dated to January of 1965. Green ink OA on tube chart. Get this puzzler – the label is original and glued to the side of the cabinet. All transformers are dated late ‘65 yet the head is covered in rough white tolex (also applied with hide glue). So… with a ‘65 label glued on a ‘63 era cabinet, what gives? We love this amp. It has short-bottle GE tubes and an RCA GZ34 Rectifier. The tube chart calls for (1) 12AT7 (1) 12AX7 and (2) 7025’s (military grade 12AX7s). This was sent through a local shop and has a replaced power cable and is electronically healthy. The tone is rich and clean with a wonderful, deep bass and it breaks up late as you turn it up. A delicious tone. Here is the quandary: was it ordered in late ‘65 with older white vinyl? Or did somebody switch a 1963 Tremolux with a 1965 Tremolux? It’s lost to history, but it’s beautiful in tone and also to look at. Expect extra shipping time and extra shipping costs. Sold as a set, local pickup only.