1965 Fender Band-Master head and matching 2×12″ cabinet


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“Fender Electric”, AB763 circuit and January of 1965 date code per the intact tube chart, very clean, and possibly the latest-production blonde amp we’ve ever seen. Blackface circuit and control panel, but Fender still had a few bolts of white tolex and wheat grille cloth laying around the Fullerton factory to be used up, giving this a very cool transitional look. This one is largely original – tolex, grille, transformers, etc., but has one ‘70s Utah 12” installed alongside the factory Oxford, and the head has a modern 3-prong plug. 40 watts from a pair of 6L6s, so on paper somewhat similar to a Bassman, but the Bandmaster has less gain and grunt and more chime and sparkle, and of course that excellent Fender optical tremolo on the second channel. Just a wonderful-sounding amplifier. In excellent electronic and structural health, intact, functional and very useful piggyback mounting hardware and tilt-back legs, handwired with premium components in the great state of California. This item will incur additional shipping costs, so please contact us before purchasing.