1962 Fender Stratocaster


In stock

Slab board. Completely original in one of the rarest colors. Fiesta Red over sunburst. 100% factory original with factory hang tag. For years color over color was almost unheard of. Now as more new Fender Custom Shop and Nash guitars pay tribute to this rare phenomenon, collectors of all generations have come to understand how cool this is. Why would they do that? Simple…to save time and make a customer happy.
Most pastel custom colors were refinished in the ’70s and ’80s so original survivors like this are cherished.
The electronics are all stock, with the sweetest pickups we’ve heard in years. We have a video of this we can send, or check out our archive on Facebook or YouTube. As with any original custom color pre-CBS slab board Fender, it’s not cheap and has always risen in value. Blue chip investment, crazy cool. More details soon but a no-story Fiesta Red over sunburst Strat with tags, cover, arm, and brown case. Find another.