1961 Epiphone Zephyr


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Sunburst, all stock except bridge pickup rewound, Gibson purchased Epiphone in 1956 to buy it’s stand up bass business but they got all the bodies and parts too. This guitar is made by Gibson in Kalamazoo but from an Epiphone body unseen by Gibson fans. However not many of these bodies exist with the “thumb” cutaway, 17” thin body. The Bigsby and bridge are factory original as are the PAF mini-humbuckers, although as it turns out the bridge pickup is rewound and the previous opted not to take out all the pots or open those shielding cans so they cut out the pickup and patched it back in. It retains its original nickel cover, and the pickups are both original. “Burst” tuners (single ring Klusons) and cool inlays, Only 46 shipped in 1961. Comes with a tweed hard case.