Vintage 1966 Fender Band-Master head and cabinet


AB763, 40 watts from a pair of 6L6s, solid-state rectifier, two channels, tremolo on channel two, blackface with raised logo and sparkle grille cloth, matching 2×12″ sealed-back cabinet, reasonably clean and all-original including the cool (and quite useful) piggyback hardware such as thumbscrews, sliding brackets, and tilt-back legs. Less aggressive than a Bassman but more robust than a Tremolux, the Bandmaster (or Band-Master as Fender styled it at the time) occupies a neat niche for players who need some headroom and room-filling capability but not too much. Handwired in Fullerton, California, solid pine cabinetry, and those those SoCal mid-’60s good looks are hard to beat.