Vintage 1962 Fender Bassman-Amp in custom 2×10″ combo cabinet


So we have here a blonde 1962 Bassman head loaded into a 2×10″ combo. One of the world’s most classic amps is the white tolex-era Fender Bassman. Fender was the first to use a presence control (on the two-channel heads you see the line on the control panel that means it’s a “master” control for both channels). This more or less controls the negative feedback loop. You might think of it as a tone control that will dump high frequencies depending on volume. The effect is a fantastic rich high-fidelity tube sound at all volumes. The custom cabinet is made of pine with two 10″ 1978 CTS Fender-labeled loudspeakers. The tone is tight yet tubby. Note that the head had a master volume removed. These amps are favored by Brian Setzer and Ron Wood (we’ve sold Ronnie a couple of these Bassman combo conversions over the years). Fully shop-checked and tour-ready.