Used Bergantino NV412


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Sealed Baltic birch-ply 4×12″ bass cabinet, 800 watts at 4 ohms, adjustable tweeter, recessed folding side handles, back skids, and rear wheels with top-rear handle. Possibly Bergantino’s ultimate bass cabinet, unbelievably rich, organic, and powerful. Certainly there are many great modern solid-state bass amps (including Bergantino’s own Forte and HP series amplifiers) that would work well with this but if you have a powerful all-tube head suitable for bass like an Ampeg SVT or Hiwatt 200 this is a real match made in heaven. Typical tremendous engineering and build quality that Bergantino is known for, just an amazing cabinet. This one has a little honest wear but is in great shape overall and fully functional. Made in USA, local pickup only.