New Magnatone Panoramic Stereo


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12+12 watts from 2 pairs of EL84 output tubes – yes, it is in fact stereo, just like the name says. Each one of those power sections drives a Magnatone Custom 10″ loudspeaker, and the basic tonality of the amp is clean at moderate volumes with good headroom and clarity without excessive brightness, like a vintage Ampeg (or Magnatone, for that matter), and a musical bark when overdriven. Rich, deep reverb, terrific amplitude modulation tremolo like a ’60s Fender and then there’s perhaps the amp’s most notable feature, the pitch-changing vibrato…in stereo. It’s uniquely hypnotic and lovely, and more usable across a variety of musical styles than it might sound like on paper. Great cosmetics, light weight, made with premium components in Los Angeles, California, USA.