New Dwight Korina Flying V Relic


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Update: The Dwight guitars are handmade by one guy, the brilliant luthier Clive Brown. Clive knows vintage korina Gibsons better than almost anyone. While he had originally installed a custom-wound white P-90, we had requests to see if a humbucker would fit. So we installed a Gibson MHS “PAF” pickup with aged nickel cover (P-90 included). Can’t stop looking at it…and now has more thunk through your favorite amp. Handmade. Korina. Vintage parts. Sexy as all get-out.

We can’t keep the Dwights in stock. They take a year to get from our pal Clive from London. Order it. Then Clive picks choice aged korina wood cut to rather exacting vintage specs and adds certain twists. This aged white lacquer finish V has the same dimensions as a ’58 Gibson V, yet a big V neck dressed like a Les Paul Jr. with nickel wrap around and single British made P-90 pickup that kills. Big neck with medium jumbo frets plays easy. Note the rubber pad like the Gibsons so it sits on the knee better, light nickel adjustable tail, aged three on a strip reissue Klusons and very light at just 7 pounds. Comes with gig bag but will fit in a Gibson V case. The Dwight name was owned by Epiphone in the 60’s and is now a trade mark of Clive Brown. There’s magic in these. Our Custom white Dwight flying V is destined to be a cult classic. Limited handmade rock machine made of Korina wood.