Demo Dr. Z Z-Wreck


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Black tolex with silver grille, 30 watts, 4x6n14n (EL84M), Class A operation, 1×12″ British-made Celestion Gold loudspeaker, minimal controls comprising volume, bass, treble, cut, and a “speed/comfort” switch that changes the plate voltage to tweak dynamic response. We went ahead and ordered this one with the optional Brake-Lite power attenuator. Co-designed by Dr. Z and the late Ken Fischer of Trainwreck for amiable virtuoso Brad Paisley, the Z-Wreck has stupendous headroom, clarity, body, and richness, amazing cleans, and then sheer Top Boost AC30 rip when cranked up. It is, in our view, perhaps the single best amp of its type currently on the market. Handwired with premium components by our friends at Dr. Z in Maple Heights, Ohio, USA.