New Collings I-35LC


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Pelham Blue, aged finish and hardware, beautiful walnut stained back and neck, nitro lacquer finish, semi-hollow with a maple/spruce center block, proprietary maple laminate construction developed by Bill Collings and team after extensive research, development and critical listening. The smaller 15” wide body is very comfortable too. Has a bound rosewood fretboard with MOP dot inlays, 1 11/16” nut, 50’s style neck profile that is .865” at the 1st and .967” at the 9th fret. Along with the aged finish, this is also upgraded with Throbak SLE 101 Plus MXV pickups and a black three-ply pickguard. Throbaks are the finest PAF clones we’ve heard. The SLE-101 Plus MXVs match well with a semi-hollow with their unoriented A5 magnets and extra winds for a mid-dominant power and bite. The coils are wound on vintage Leesona 102 and vintage Gibson, Kalamazoo-made Slug 101 PAF winders. Weighs in at a lightweight 6.7 pounds. No one makes a better guitar than our friends at Collings in Austin Texas, USA. Comes with a new deluxe Ameritage hard case. #232183