New Collings 01 14-Fret T


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Traditional. Gorgeous, vintage-inspired and crafted to provide the tonal character of pre-war instruments. Nice wide 1 & 3/4” nut width, hand-selected tonewoods, Honduran mahogany and fine baked Sitka spruce. These guitars have warm, rounded highs, strong low mids, with a quick attack and great volume and richness. The T series use a thinner finish (the better to hear you with, my dear), lightweight build, and a redesigned neck block. They also have no tongue brace, an abbreviated bridge plate, and a subtle golden aged toner. The hand-scalloped braces are the engine of the guitar, and produce a remarkable projection of sound. Surprising for such an easy, light guitar to hold and play. These are an amazing companion for recording and a great accompaniment for singers. A most remarkable little guitar, a fine example of Collings “Traditional” package and the incredible tone of baked Sitka spruce. Comes in deluxe Collings factory hard case, made in Austin, Texas, USA.