New Carr Super Bee 1×12


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1×12″ combo in two-tone Black and Wine, looks incredible, 10 watts, 2x6BM8, 12AX7/12AT7 preamp, EZ81 rectifier, built-in power attenuator (from 2 watts down to silent), treble, middle, and bass controls, tube-driven spring reverb, 3-position “sting” switch for all sorts of ‘50s/‘60s Fullerton tube tones, a fine-sounding Carr Valiant 12″ speaker, housed in a finger-jointed solid yellow pine cabinet that Carr builds in-house. The company’s newest model, portable and suitable for a great variety of music, tip-top build quality, hand-wired with premium components, made in Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA. Also available in a 1×10″ combo version with a wide variety of custom coverings.