New Carr Mercury


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In classic black. 16 watts at full power from a pair of 6V6s running in class A that can be reduced down to a range of 4 to 0 watts using the integral power attenuator for low-volume practice or silent recording. Series/parallel input gain switch, 3-position boost switch, Fender-like tube-driven spring reverb. Lightweight, portable, and mounted in a finger-jointed in-house pine cabinet. Floating baffle, hand-wired with premium components, and a great-sounding Celestion M-65 “Creamback” 12″ speaker. More in the Marshall zone than most of Carr’s more American-inspired amps, the Mercury V has British grind as well as fine cleans. Portable, attractive, sounds great, and excellent build quality. Made in Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA.