New Carr Mercury V


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1×12″ combo in two-tone Fawn Slub and Cocoa, Celestion M-65 Creamback 12″ loudspeaker, 2x6V6 in push-pull Class A, nominally 16 watts but with Carr’s great built-in switchable attenuator can taken reduced to 4 watts and even down to 0, with a line out, perfect for home recording. 3-position boost switch, parallel/series input gain toggle, 2-band EQ, and real tube-driven spring reverb. All this functionality, built with care and pride from premium components, is housed a Mid-Century Modern in-house finger-jointed solid yellow pine cabinet. The Mercury V does a wide range of classic tube guitar tones but is particularly good at tweed Fender and plexi Marshall crunch tones…but there’s very little this fine amp doesn’t do well. Handwired in North Carolina.