Demo Dr. Z MAZ 38 Senior

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Blonde tolex with black grille, 38 watts class A, 4XEL84, 3-band EQ, master volume, tube-driven spring reverb, footswitchable EQ bypass boost, integrated Brake-Lite power attenuator, buffered FX loop, light Italian poplar cabinet, British-made Celestion G12-65 12″ loudspeaker, handwired with care and premium components in Maple Heights, Ohio, USA. Vox AC30-inpsired amps are a Dr. Z specialty, and the MAZ 38 has that headroom, clarity, and harmonic complexity in spades. Amazing cleans, reaaly screams when cranked, and between the master and the attenuator, a very practical gigging/studio amp. Discontinued model, this one is mint unsold new stock.