Circa 1910 Dyer Brothers Model 6 Harp Guitar


Natural, the guitar tunes, functions, has good action (your luthier can rest, no neck set needed), bridge not lifting. Lots of cracks best we can tell repaired oak back and sides with spruce top. We’ll ask you to look at photos to get a handle on the condition or call us and we’ll text a video to you your phone. For now, no case so very painful to ship (third party shipping rates apply). Own American Guitar history.

The Dyer Department Store was near the St. Paul Hotel and was big on musical instruments. The Larson Brothers made the harp guitar models 4,5,6,7,8. Model 4’s were no trim, model 8’s had lots of binding and pearl like tree of life fretboards. This is a model 6 (kinda fancy). They used only old wood, sometimes reclaimed wood.The sound is fantastic with a rich deep bass and the sympathetic strings boost the fundamentals. Many of these are oak and misidentified as mahogany. Note the repaired headstock on the harp side. It’s been about 100 years of various repairs, needs a few more but the major stuff is done and it plays quite well.