’54 Fender Telecaster (with ‘70s body)


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Take a long look at this guitar. Why are guitars that have seen a million gigs so sexy? This is a famous guitar here in the Twin Cities area – see the logo on the case. Let’s look at the details: Original ’54 neck with original ’54 logo, some flame, original pickguard, neck plate, screws, original bridge with serial number but non-original saddles. The electronics are not original but the knobs are. The tuners are single-line Klusons. It’s been refretted and had an extra string tree removed. Here’s the big thing: The body looks original but it’s a ‘70s Fender body, and nice and light at 6.8 pounds overall. It has gained the charm of an old butterscotch Telecaster of 20,000 bar gigs. The guitar – tonewise and as a player – is magic. It’s a slim slightly v-profile neck that is buttery-smooth. The old Seymour Duncan pickups look right and sound authentic. With those flat poles the bridge pickup is probably an old Duncan Broadcaster. The pickguard is original. It adds vibe. The case is a beat-up rebuilt old ‘70s case. It too has seen 10k gigs. Again, this guitar is magic. You will note when shopping for other ’54 Teles that they run 50k to 70k. But this old gem is under 20k. Consigned.