’40s Busato Gypsy Jazz guitar


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VG. “D” soundhole, petite model, simple construction, made in Paris, France. Django Reinhardt played only two brands of guitars, Selmer/Maccaferri and Bortolo Busato. Nicknamed “Pablo”, Busato worked Selmer but left in 1934 to make his own instruments. At Willie’s we don’t see many European guitars and this is our first Busato. Here’s an overview: Laminated mahogany back and sides, cedar neck with a replaced fingerboard. Original tailpiece and original Selmer-style tuners (some screws not functional but the units are functional). The middle part of the bridge is new (ends are original), new pickguard. Multi-piece cedar top as was necessary during the war. Look over the photos and remember we offer a 48-hour evaluation period. Comes in new case.