2015 Gibson True Historic Murphy Aged ’59 Les Paul


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In De-lish dark burst. At 8.3 pounds and really charming flame, this is a rare find. Our pal Tom Murphy is a highly regarded genius in this field. With real “bursts” going for the same price as a high-end Ferrari (and rising) these “Murphy Bursts” offer you a chance at the next best thing.

This has an extraordinary level of accuracy. Beefy hand-sanded 59 neck, re-created, re-formulated plastic of exacting color. Knobs made the old fashioned way with hand-painted numbers before a second pass color fill. Real 59’s have a nearly imperceivable rounding of the edges of headstock…same here.

Thin Holly headstock veneer. Check. Soft edge deep-dish top. Check. Thinner wet-sanded finish. Check.
Hide glue construction including maple top, neck joint, fingerboard. Check. Check and Check. Did you know what made these dark bursts dark? A little blue pigmentation was added. Check.

Then Tom takes all this goodness and sends it thru his “way back machine” and presto-change-0 it looks like a well-loved 60-year-old guitar. Bridge pickup is 7.92 the neck is 7.99 and the tone is sweet and clear. With that tone like a singing violin all the upper mids as clear as can be making magic in overdrive. This comes with original case, COA plus 6 other hangtags, an extra vintage style backplate is included. No paperwork from Tom but a letter from Gibson and the secret Murphy M hidden in finish. Consigned