2006 Fender Custom Shop EC Blackie Tribute Stratocaster


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Only 185 made for the US market out of 275 total. We were at the Eric Clapton auctions both in 1999 and the second in 2004. You can read about the mind-blowing first auction on our website. Eric Clapton needs no introduction, so when his main guitar of many years came up for sale it broke the then-current record and sold for $959k – yes, almost one million dollars.

After that, it was taken to Fender’s Custom Shop, where the senior Master Builders (in this case, the brilliant Yuriy Shishkov) crafted utterly perfect replicas, correct in every minute detail, based on very close scrutiny and precise dimensional measurements. Many examples of this limited edition went to collectors in Japan, where the appetite for both Eric Clapton and classic Fenders might be even greater than in the USA.

Exhaustive attention to detail, from the headstock cigarette burns and wear patches to the discolored spot on the tremolo block and even the “Duck Bros.” flight case with its London address. The other “Duck brother” was of course Albert Lee and this guitar has both Eric’s autograph and Albert’s signature on the Christie’s auction catalog and comes with posters, COA, and quite an array of other goodies.

Features of this rigorously-researched reproduction include a light alder body, maple neck with soft “v” profile, 5-way selector, 5 vintage-style chrome tuners and a gold-plated one for the high E string. Also the black nitrocellulose lacquer finish with each and every nick and ding replicated, and every wear patch on the maple fingerboard. Of course the Anvil flight case has been properly and convincingly aged as well. The pickups were wound to duplicate the sound and output of the original “Blackie” so you’ll hear the same tone Clapton heard when he used it at the Rainbow Concert in 1973 when he first got it…and “The Last Waltz”, the “In Concert” double live record, “No Reason to Cry”, “Slowhand”, “Money and Cigarettes”, and plenty more. Did you see Clapton in concert between 1974 and 1988? Then you heard “Blackie”.

See our video on Facebook and YouTube for more details but but as we mentioned this comes with a copy of the Christie’s auction catalog with Albert Lee’s autograph, a DVD from Fender, the COA signed by Yuriy Shishkov, a brochure from the Crossroads Centre and all the other documentation, tags, and accessories that came with the guitar. We even have the original shipping box.

Because there is so much cool extra stuff it will be shipped in 2 or 3 boxes. Only shipped express and no returns. Read that again, no returns. On consignment. PRICE REDUCTION