2001 Gibson Historic ’57 Les Paul Custom


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Black, made for Yamano Music of Japan and has the original Gibson/Yamano booklet. A rather rare copy of the two pickup ’57 Les Paul Custom. It is stock with the larger Gibson frets and not the fretless wonder variety. A detail that adds to its tone and ability to stay in tune. It has some scratches and smudges but looks good for a twenty-year-old guitar. Also has a rather large neck profile as you might find on an original. The gold hardware shows some pitting but it is all stock with a nice subtle yellowing of the lacquer that makes it pop. The pickups are PAF smooth with good mid range bite. It weighs 9.7 pounds, so it’s not too heavy. Has the long tenon, is great looking, and comes with hang tags, the Japanese booklet and the original hard case.

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