2000s THD UniValve


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One of the more versatile and useful small heads of the last few decades, the THD UniValve is a single-ended amp that will take any octal-base output tube without rebiasing which, coupled with the integral finely-adjustable power attenuator, makes it many-colored distortion machine. Volume, bass, treble, and “attitude” controls, power attenuation knob, noise reduction switch, lo/hi voltage control, and full/half power switch give unparalleled flexibility at home, in the studio, or in a small club. Want a Fender or a Boogie? Put in your choice of 6L6. Prefer a Marshall or an Orange? Just pop in an El34. Too much fun in a very small and portable package. This one is in fine cosmetic, structural, and electronic condition. Designed by Andy Marshall, made in Seattle, Washington, USA.