1999 Ernie Ball/Music Man StingRay


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Alder body in black, maple neck and fingerboard with satin gunstock oil finish, this one’s a little heavy but wow, does it play and sound good. From its beginning as Leo Fender’s most iconic post-Fender designs , the heart of the StingRay was its (revolutionary for the time and still industry-leading) onboard active preamp for the humbucking pickup. This is the later 3EQ version but the same basic features and merits of the mid-’70s original. Hard to believe a single-pickup instrument can be so versatile, from the deepest, darkest dub and R&B tones to extremely percussive treble definition for slapping, and everything in between. Weighs 10.5 pounds, Extremely well-made in San Luis Obispo, California, USA, and comes in its original hard case.