1997 Matchless Lightning ’15


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Green, very clean and all-original, Mark Sampson era. 15 watts from a pair of EL84s running in class A, tube preamp and rectifier, custom wax-impregnated transformers, very interactive and versatile bass and treble controls, master volume, and a Matchless Special Design 8-ohm 30-watt 12” speaker made in England by Celestion. Very JMI-period Vox AC15-like in its dynamic response and even-order harmonics, and reliable and roadworthy thanks to its excellent handwired construction with premium components. This is the “wide-body” variant which, at the cost of negligible additional weight and size, gives a stronger bass response and less directionality than the square version. Sampson-era Matchless amps have never been terribly common, and we haven’t seen too many in recent years, so we were delighted to see this walk in the door. Made in North Hollywood, California, USA, and comes with padded slipcover.