1994 Fender ’63 Vibroverb-Amp


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35 watts, 2x6L6, 2×10″ Oxford loudspeakers, 2 channels, footswitchable reverb and tremolo, brown tolex and wheat grille cloth, flat Fender badge. So, a somewhat scarce reissue of an impossibly-rare original. Fender only made these from 1990 to 1995, and they’re always a welcome sight/sound. The original was made in numbers from 20 to 200 depending on whom you believe, and was Fender’s first amp with onboard reverb, and if not the first amp to ever feature it, certainly among the best. This one is very clean, in fine structural and electronic shape, sounds great – enough power and headroom but not too much, and wonderful trem and reverb on the second channel – and all-original down to the footswitch and vinyl cover. Versatile, practical, and elegant.