1992 Fender “The Twin”


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Colloquially known as the “red knob” Twin, or alternatively, the “Evil Twin”. Fender introduced this beast in 1987 and kept it in production until 1994. A quartet of 6l6s produces 100 watts in full power mode (and they aren’t kidding about that 100 watts), but there is also a studio/club-friendly 25-watt setting. 2×12″ blue-label Fender-branded Eminence-made loudspeakers, all-tube preamp, 2 footswitchable channels with 3-band EQs, presence control, reverb, FX loop, and an amazing-sounding, fairly gainy master volume on the second channel. These are well-made and extremely versatile amps, famously used by Los Lobos (who know a thing or two about good guitar sounds), and the looks are…late ’80s/early ’90s. Moving on… Made in Brea, California, USA. A little heavy, so local pickup only, as the only vehicles capable of hauling this are all located in the former Soviet Union and are currently unavailable.