1987 MESA/Boogie Mark III “red stripe”


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1×12″ combo in black tolex, black grille cloth, 85 watts Simul-Class with a pair of 6L6s running in class AB and a pair of EL34s in class A, 3 channels, graphic EQ, reverb and presence, Eminence-made “Black Shadow” loudspeaker, fan, spare preamp tube bracket, and factory fan. Additional features include spring reverb -that slightly artificial (in a good way) “slappy” Boogie reverb that really sounds like a ’70s Santana record – direct out with level control, Simul-Class/class A switch, standard 3-band EQ, and various pull functions on the controls for lead, master, shift, deep, etc., and even a nifty blue pilot light. So a Mark III with all the options save for hardwood, leather, and EV, good condition, runs very well, and is the desirable 1987-only “red stripe” variant, closest electronically to the scarce Mark IIc+ model. Lots of power, lots of gain, great clean, crunch, and lead, a very robust speaker, road-worthy build quality, incredible versatility, and good looks. Made in Petaluma, California, USA, consigned, local pickup only.