1987 Marshall Model 2254 Silver Jubilee 25/50 1×12″ combo


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50 watts from a pair of EL34s with a front-panel switch to engage triode mode bringing the output down to 25 watts, 2 channels with master EQ, 3 gain modes and master volume, direct out, effects loop, and a Celestion Vintage 30 12″ loudspeaker. So, here’s a neat page from Marshall history. Both to commemorate his 25th year in the amp business and his 50th year in the music business generally (and perhaps to clap back at a certain California boutique amp maker famous for their high-gain channel-switching ultra-compact combos with a multiplicity of pull pots), Jim Marshall came up with the Silver Jubilee series. In this spectacular guise with silver tolex, control panel, knobs, and bespoke plaque, they were only made in 1987, and then folded into the JCM800 line for a couple years subsequently, eventually evolving into a Slash signature model, as the GNR lead guitarist favored the Jubilee amps. More versatile and gainier than a 2204 or 2205, and with rather more effective tone controls, it’s still unmistakably pure Marshall. This one is near-mint cosmetically, even has the original showroom plastic film over the control panel, and sounds fantastic. Consigned.