1981 Martin M-36


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EX-. Rare optional sunburst finish. Back in this time period sunbursts were not often ordered. These are Style 35 instruments with the 3-piece rosewood back for better bass, 6-ply top binding, and in the 0000 body size. Yes, that’s 4 zeroes, so wide like a jumbo yet thinner than a standard 000. The width and the 3-piece back really enhance the low end. 25.4″ scale length, 1 & 11/16″ nut width. It’s no wonder these are popular. They’re comfortable to play have that strong bass response without being boomy. This one went through our shop and had all its braces tacked down as needed and a neck set ($750 worth of work done). Now you can just pick this up and enjoy. You’ll be only kid on your block with a sunburst ’80s Martin. Original hard case.