1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom


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Here’s a fine specimen of a slightly polarizing guitar, the rode-hard-and-put-away-wet Norlin-era Gibson Les Paul Custom. Some clutch their pearls and pine for the late ’50s or, alternatively, the early ’90s, but to others nothing screams “rock and roll” louder. 10.5 pounds, no breaks, Wine Red finish, “patent stamp” humbuckers, Gibson-branded Schaller keystone tuners, yellowed speed knobs, heavily-yellowed binding (quite sexy on the split-diamond headstock inlay), and wrapped in a second-generation “Protector” case (the chainsaw-looking one with the brown push interior). Interesting mixture of transitional features – mahogany neck, no “Made in USA”, body is of the non-pancake/sandwich type, but the volute is still present. This one has been professionally refretted and plays great, and the pickup surrounds and bridge are not original (black surrounds and collapsed “Nashville” bridge included). The walking definition of versatility with the drive of the humbuckers but with the articulation of an ebony fingerboard, a guitar designed for jazz players far more commonly seen in the hands of hard rockers, and can really be used for just about anything. Made in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.