1980 Gibson Flying V


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Black, a nice 6.5 pound V. We’ve said for years buy 70’s Gibsons! Our humble projection turned out to be true. Now we get this in and our eyes light up. Tom Petty famously played a Black 70’s V. The new $15K Kirk Hammett ’79 V (you could add gaffer tape). We’ve had Kirk in the store, he is a great guy. This one has some buckle worming and dings but is pretty clean. We saw late 60’s V’s skyrocket and we might advise that these older V’s are cool collectibles too. This one is 43 years old and has a great acoustic tone and sounds even better with an amp. The all mahogany body has crisp upper mids not unlike a fat SG. Comes with the original hard case. Consigned.

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