1980 Gibson ES-369


Black with white pickguard. Somewhere along the line Gibson, presumably at the behest of parent company Norlin, decided to spruce up the languishing ES series as during the late 70’s only Les Pauls really were selling. So a new “Mark”-series headstock, TP-6 tailpiece, coil tap, Les Paul Standard-esque bound rosewood fingerboard with crown inlays, uncovered pickups freshened up what may have seemed at the time like a stale line. Although we’ve seen these with a standard headstock, without the coil tap, different tailpieces – it appears no two ES-369s were the same. We might point out that the headstock shape appears to have inspired a certain maker of fine guitars in Maryland, yet the ever-litigious Gibson never sued them about it, as the last thing Gibson wanted people to be thinking about was the “Mark”-series acoustics. Yes, brass nut is original. A great-sounding, great-playing Norlin curiosity. Comes with the original hard case.

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