1974 Gibson Les Paul Signature


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Very clean, gold top finish. Well now, we haven’t had one of these wonderful curiosities in a while. Structurally more of an ES-335 than a Les Paul being a laminated maple thinline semi-hollowbody, albeit an asymmetrical one with a post Mickey Mouse ears upper bout and a vaguely Les Paul Standard-shaped lower one, a square square center block, and a three-piece maple neck. Electronically is where these get very interesting (and show the design input of Les Paul himself) featuring a pair of low-impedance Super Humbucking pickups with Gibson-embossed cream plastic covers with no visible polepieces, three-way pickup selector, master volume and master tone controls and (here’s where it gets weird) a two-way rotary phase switch, a three-position rotary “level control” switch with settings for 50, 250 & 500 hertz, and two output jacks, low-impedance (for direct recording) on the rim, and high-impedance (for running into an amp) on the face like an ES-335. Other, more conventional attributes include a bound rosewood fingerboard with crown inlays, a “harmonica” tune-o-matic bridge, stoptail, and gold speed knobs. As noted, this one is nice and clean, plays well, sounds great (and is crazy versatile), no breaks, and is all-original save for replaced tuners, in this case vintage gold-plated waffle-back Grovers. Mechanically and electronically sound, nice weight at 8.5 pounds, comes in its original purple-lined Gibson hard case.