1974 Fender Telecaster Custom


In stock

Sunburst, and get this, feather light! Yes, you read that right. It weighs in a tad over 7 pounds and has an equally rare rosewood fretboard on a Fender with a neck plate serial number.

This is from Willie’s personal stash. It sounds, plays and looks great and is easy on your back. We dare you to find a lighter one from the early 70’s. All stock. Yes, the six way bridge was standard on Telecaster Custom and Deluxe models. The neck has a slight V shape, which is also unusual.

The frets are in great shape with no divots. We just can’t stress how rare this whole package is. Plus it’s perfectly clean for the collector player. Has just enough dings and wear to not worry about it, yet clearly a very clean guitar. Even comes with the original Fender owners manual, some hang tags from when we sold it 22 years ago and the original hard case.