1974/1968 Vox AC30/6 Top Boost


In stock

So, a hand-wired gray-panel Dallas-Arbiter AC30/6 Top Boost chassis from 1974, a few replaced electrolytics but mostly original, original transformers, minor resistor mod to reduce hum, mounted in a circa-1968 cabinet with Celestion-made, Jennings-labeled Vox silver bell 12″ speakers with H1777 cones. One interesting difference on this iteration is that the Vib/Trem speed control is continuous, not limited to 3 choices like the earlier JMI amps. Tolex and grille look great on the cab, and the amp sounds fantastic, ripping and aggressive but with that legendary AC30 clarity and articulation. An interesting thing about AC30s is that much of the magic comes from Dick Denney’s original zero negative feedback design and the slightly later top boost upgrade, so over the long and checkered history of Vox, any AC30 that hewed reasonably close to that schematic is likely going to sound pretty great, and this one is no exception. Comes with original footswitch, chrome trolley not included.