1970 Gibson ES-335TDW


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Walnut, EX+++. A very clean original guitar with original “patent sticker” pickups and still has the ’60s-style orange oval label, which ended in the middle of 1970. As we look at Gibson is charging for new models, it’s no wonder these older early ‘70s Kalamazoo-made guitars have been really firming up on price. This – again, all-original – is an issue-free, crack-free example and one of the cleanest we can find. Notice the yellowed binding and in fact the whole guitar has a glow making the walnut finish a golden color. This has some light scratches but no buckle rash. Very little fret wear and no neck discoloration. Has nickel Gibson-branded Kluson tuners, original bridge, original nickel pickguard bracket, bridge stands tall and has its original nylon saddles. Has some finish checking but its very hard to see. The acoustic tone is quite loud. Serial numbers aren’t much help with early 70’s Gibsons, but the pots date it to ’71. A really fine guitar in its original hard case (broken handle, about the only issue in the whole package). Quite the find.