1973 Fender Super Reverb


In stock

Silverface, black tolex with silver panel, vibrant blue “Super Reverb” markings , blue sparkle grille cloth, all-tube preamp and tube rectifier, output stage is a pair of 6L6s, technically 45 watts RMS but with the 2-ohm load from the quartet of 1973-dated CTS 10″ loudspeakers, provides headroom and bass response like a substantially more powerful amp. If you’ve never played a Super, it’s an experience – so much clarity and projection, plenty of clean available but then breaks up most satisfyingly when rolled up. 2 channels, 4 inputs, classic Fender tube-driven spring reverb and tube-driven optical tremolo, and hand-wired in Fullerton, California. This one is overall clean, intact and functional tilt-back legs and factory casters, factory heavy-duty red 3-prong mains plug, tube chart is intact and legible, recapped professionally (old caps included), recently serviced, no footswitch but both vintage and repro units are available. One of the ultimate ’70s workhorse amps. Sorry, can’t ship this one, local pickup only.