1971 Fender fretless Precision Bass neck on modern Fender body


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So, a bit of a story. The neck is from a 1971 Fender Precision Bass with the optional fretless rosewood fingerboard, correct tuners, and green inked date code indicating May of 1971 manufacture, with the “B” width code (1 & 5/8”), attached to a black Fender (Mexico) Precision Bass body by a vintage “F” neck plate with a serial number dating it to 1968. 3-ply white guard, flat-top Tele knobs, bridge and pickup covers, and thumbrest. Decent weight at 9 pounds, and plays great. Parts farm or stage-ready instrument? Either or both. Comes in molded Fender hard case. Made in USA. And Mexico. Depending on which half you’re talking about.